VigLink has joined the Sovrn family

In December 2018, VigLink was acquired by Sovrn. Over the course of 2019, VigLink will be integrated into Sovrn and eventually become Sovrn Commerce.

VigLink and Sovrn share the belief that publishers create the content that drives the web. We both seek to support publishers, advocate for them, and build the tools they use to thrive. Our main focus will always be on delivering publishers revenue through leverage, insight, and automation.

If you’d like to learn more about the acquisition, please read the official press release, as well as this blog post from Walter Knapp, CEO of Sovrn. To learn more about Sovrn, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this affect my ability to earn with VigLink?

No. You will continue to earn through VigLink as usual.

Do I have to log in somewhere else?

No. You will continue to access and use VigLinks products just as you have been.

How will my day-to-day interactions with VigLink change?

They won’t. We are committed to continuing to build out products that our publishers value most.

Do I need to revisit my publisher agreement or payment arrangements with VigLink?

No. Your contracts will be unaffected, and you will continue to receive payment from VigLink.

What products and services does Sovrn offer? Tell me more about the company.

Sovrn provides advertising technology products, revenue tools along with financial and business services to publishers. You can learn more at

Will this have any impact on the product and services in the near-, medium-, or long-term?

No. You should expect further expansion of VigLink products as it is our tools are integrated into the Sovrn product family.

Do I automatically become eligible for other products and services that Sovrn offers?

No, nor have you been automatically enrolled in any new products. Sovrn uses its own specific criteria when selecting publishers to work with. If you are interested in working with Sovrn, visit and sign up.

Is the brand changing?

No. As of now, the branding will not change. In the long term, VigLink products will become part of the Sovrn Commerce product family.

What is the long-term vision of the combined company?

To support, advocate, and supply tools and services that help publishers thrive. Sovrn helps publishers do more of what they love and less of what they don’t, and VigLink adds new products and new potential to our shared mission.

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