All I see are red Xs. Why am I not approved to work with any merchants?


Publishers can go to the Merchant Explorer ( to see Sovrn //Commerce's merchants and their approval status with each. A red X means that a publisher is not approved to work with a merchant. Common reasons include the following:

  • Some merchants run restricted programs, and require publishers to apply before being able to affiliate.
  • Some merchants choose not to work with all types of publishers. 
  • Some merchants only accept traffic from certain countries. (The Merchant Explorer looks at affiliate traffic from a single country -- look for the filter at the top right to change the county.)

However, if ALL of the merchants are marked as unapproved, that means that your site is not approved in our system.

New Publisher, New Site

If you signed up recently, your site has most likely not yet been approved. Take the following steps to ensure that your site is reviewed and approved in a timely manner:

  • Confirm that your site name is accurate and complete.
    • If you have signed up using a website, make sure your site name is accurate, complete and pointing toward an active, functional website. If your site is under construction, Sovrn //Commerce will not be able to approve your site.
    • If you have signed up using a social media handle, make sure you have included your handle. That is,, not just
  • Send affiliate clicks so that we know you have integrated properly.

Existing Publisher, New Site

If you are not a new publisher but you have created a new site, your new site should be automatically approved. Send an email to if you aren't able to affiliate with any merchants through your new site within one business day.

Existing Publisher, Existing Site

If you are not a new publisher and your existing site is now marked as unapproved for all merchants, that means that your site has been rejected. You can review the Publisher Code of Conduct here.

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