What does "CPC/CPA" mean in the Merchant Explorer?

Sovrn //Commerce routes traffic through two types of programs:

  1. CPA (cost per action), which means the publisher is eligible to earn a commission on any eligible sales that result from the affiliate click.
  2. CPC (cost per click), which means the publisher is eligible to earn a flat rate for each click that points to an eligible product.

So what does it mean when a Merchant is marked with "CPC/CPA" in the Merchant Explorer?


If a merchant works with both, Sovrn //Commerce will determine at the time of the click whether to route the click through the CPC program or the CPC program. It is never the case that a publisher will be able to earn through both types of programs simultaneously. Our system is built to always route traffic through the program that will yield its publishers the most revenue over the long run.

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