How do I install VigLink on XenForo?

VigLink is compatible with Xenforo 1.0.X and 2.X. The video below walks you through the steps for Xenforo 1.0.X. Written instructions for both are below.


  1. Log in to your XenForo customer account
  2. Type “VigLink” into the search box
  3. Select VigLink 1.0.x or VigLink 2.x
  4. Click the orange box that says "Download Now"
  5. Log in to your site’s admin
  6. Upload the contents of the /upload folder to the root directory of your forum via FTP
  7. Click the Add-ons square from the homepage
  8. Click the button that says “Install Add-on” in the upper righthand corner
  9. For 1.0.x: click “Choose file” and select the XML file that was downloaded to your computer
  10. Click install add-on (this might take a little while to process); VigLink will now be available as one of your installed add-ons
  11. Click "Options" under the home tab
  12. Type in VigLink under the "filter items" box
  13. Paste your VigLink API key, which can be found in your VigLink Dashboard under Manage > Install

From here, you have a number of customization options. Customizations are categorized by our two main product offerings: VigLink Convert and VigLink Insert. These preferences will allow you to determine which of your users are served affiliate links.

In our test forum, we have seven user groups: administrative, banned, moderating, premium member, registered, super moderators, and unregistered/unconfirmed.

If, for example, you want to show all users Convert links, select all boxes under “Convert User Groups.” If, for example, you want to show Insert links to unregistered/ unconfirmed users only, then you’d select unregistered/unconfirmed. Once you’ve selected your preferences, click “Save Changes.” You're all set!

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