How do payments work with Sovrn //Commerce?

Payment Policy

Sovrn //Commerce, formerly VigLink, offers payment via four options: (1) PayPal; (2) ACH (USA-based accounts); (3) Check (USA-based accounts); and (4) Wire (non-USA-based accounts). To set up payment, we require the following information for the respective options:

  1. PayPal
    1. Registered PayPal email address
  2. ACH (USA-based accounts)
    1. Payment contact email address
    2. Bank account number
    3. Bank routing number
    4. Completed and signed W-9
  3. Check (USA-based accounts)
    1. Payment contact email address
    2. Mailing Address
    3. Completed and signed W-9
  4. Wire (non-USA-based accounts)
    1. Payment contact email address
    2. Beneficiary bank account number
    3. Beneficiary bank account owner name
    4. Beneficiary bank account owner address
    5. Beneficiary bank ABA or SWIFT code
    6. Completed and signed W-8BEN

This information should be sent via email to with "Payment Update" in the subject line.

We pay our publishers once per month, generally 90 days after driving a sale (“net-90”). Payments are typically issued on one of the last five (5) business days of the month; however, this can extend to the first five (5) business days of the new month. For example, your earnings for November will be paid out by January.

You can view past and upcoming payments from our Payment Console.

5. The payment thresholds for issuance are > $10 for PayPal and > $50 for ACH, check and wire. If your earnings do not exceed these thresholds, unpaid earnings will roll into each subsequent month’s earnings until they exceed the payment thresholds.

Payment Reconciliation

Due to the large number of publishers in Sovrn //Commerce's network, earnings-to-payment reconciliations are not created and issued to publishers on a monthly basis.

To track your payments relative to earnings, please log in to your Publisher Dashboard. There you will find your earnings for each month. From there, you can compare your aggregate earnings history (excluding months that are within the last 90 days from today's date) to your payment history over the same period from each of the payment options you have designated in your time as a VigLink publisher (PayPal, check, ACH, wire). Please note that earnings may fluctuate or be held back due to merchant policies (i.e. traffic deemed illegitimate, product returns, etc.). These adjusted earnings will be reflected in the calculation of each month’s earnings.

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    Hi I want to receive payments via Payoneer
    Is this option available to you?

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    I want too. it`s possible?

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    Please and i need Payoneer,thanks.

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    please do tell that if we want payment through payoneer is it possible. And is wire transfer also available.????/

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    I like to have payments in Crypto currencies like BTC, ETH...

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    wow.....need 90 days and where to put in the W8-ben?

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    In how many days payment is reflect in my paypal acc. and how can i get it. is this any special process or it will reflect automatically.

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