Merchant Explorer: Commission Rates

The Sovrn //Commerce network includes merchants that offer both CPA and CPC pricing.

Keep in mind these points regarding CPC rates:

  • When taking a look at CPC rates, you will see that only a small portion are listed as a cent value. This means we’ve secured this rate on all eligible clicks from a given merchant.
  • We are unable to disclose CPC rates for any merchant that we do not have a negotiated flat rate with. This is due to the fact that the rates fluctuate frequently at the discretion of the merchant.
  • Commission rates will be displayed as “Not Listed” for any merchant without a negotiated CPC or manually entered CPA rate.

Keep in mind these points regarding CPA rates:

  • Some rates will show up as blended rates. These are the rates with a tilde in front of them. Blended rates are automated based on our sale data for a given merchant meaning that they are updated more accurately and quickly than ever before.
  • We do not show all CPA rates as blended. Sometimes you will see multiple rates for a given merchant. This means that they have not yet been changed from the previous format of being entered manually and are not yet displaying a blended rate.
  • Some merchants do not have any CPA rate displayed—even though they are currently paying a commission on sales. This means that there hasn’t been a rate manually entered and that there is no blended rate for that merchant at this time.
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