VigLink Developer Guide

If you’re a developer looking for the ideal way to integrate VigLink into your service, you’ve come to the right place! VigLink has built a variety of integration methods that can work across websites (e.g. blogs, forums, web apps), mobile apps, and even desktop apps. In this guide, we document the various ways we make VigLink services available, and the corresponding controls we provide to developers.

For information regarding our APIs, using our Javascript Library, creating links programmatically or revenue reporting, please see our new, interactive VigLink Developer Hub.

Here are some shortcuts to the different content sections in the VigLink Developer Hub.

Merchant Status API - to find out which advertisers you can affiliate to and commisison rates

Building Monetized URLs - learn how to build monetized URLs programmatically

Link Monetization API - get an affiliated link via an API call

CUID Revenue Tracking API - advanced revenue reporting on campaign IDs

SUBID Revenue Tracking - advanced revenue reporting on SubIds.

VigLink Configuration with HTML

VigLink Configuration with Javascript

Javascript API - Javascript functions using VigLink technology


If you would like to learn how to install the VigLink code on your blog use the links above, or for check out the links below for some popular blogging platforms.

How to install VigLink on Blogger

How to install VigLink on Wordpress

How to Install VigLink on Tumbler


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