How do I install Sovrn //Commerce on Wordpress?

For additional reference, please see the complete video transcript:

Hi. This is how you install VigLink on Wordpress without using a plug-in. This option is probably best for those who are familiar with HTML.

First, Log-in to WordPress, where you will be directed to the dashboard.

From your dashboard, look to the left menu and hover over “Appearance” and then select the editor tab.

From there scroll through your templates on the right side of your screen until you find “Footer”, and then click on it.

Then open a new tab and go to the Install page on your VigLink account.  The URL of the Install Page is

This is where you will find your unique javascript.

Simply click “Copy” at the bottom right of the box where the code is located, and head back to the Wordpress “edit theme” page.

Find the closing body tag at the bottom of the code and paste the VigLink Javascript directly above it.

Once you’ve pasted in the javascript click “update file” at the bottom of the page.

Head to the homepage of your blog, in this case, our domain is From there, right click on your page and click “View Page Source”. Then search within that page for VigLink, and you should see the Javascript. This signals a successful installation!

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