How do I install VigLink on Tumblr?

To use VigLink on Tumblr, encode your merchant links with VigLink Anywhere redirects.

VigLink Anywhere is a link redirector that allows you to create one-off merchant links that you can add to captions and images on your posts. When someone clicks on a VigLink Anywhere-encoded link, your readers will be redirected to the merchant. If there's a sale, you're eligible to earn a commission.

Step 1: Create an account

If you haven't created a VigLink account yet, go to and go through the registration process. For a step-by-step guide, see VigLink Basics: How to Sign Up for a VigLink Publisher Account on our blog.

Step 2: Create a VigLink Anywhere link

When you find something you want to share with a VigLink affiliate link—say, Lisa Frank headphones—copy the URL and go to (the Anywhere tab at the top of your VigLink Publisher Dashboard). 

Paste the merchant's URL into the "Create a Link" field and click the "Build" button.



Tip: Check "Shorten with" so the new link is easier to share.



Tip: You can also drag our Bookmarklet onto your browser's bookmarks bar so you can create affiliate links right from the merchant's page. 

This is your new VigLink Anywhere-encoded URL. 

Step 3: Post the VigLink Anywhere link on your Tumblr

Copy the VigLink Anywhere link you created and post it on your Tumblr.

Go to your Tumblr Dashboard and start a new post. You can use any kind of post type you want. In this case, we'll create a photo post so our readers can see the item we're recommending.

In the caption of the post, add a link to the VigLink Anywhere URL that you built in Step 2.

Click "Done" to finish adding the link. Click "Save" if you're ready to post!

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