How do I install Sovrn //Commerce on Blogger?

For additional reference, please see the complete video transcript:

Hi. This is how you will install VigLink on Blogger.

First, log into your blogger account where you will be directed to the homepage.  

From there click on the name of your blog. In this case, we’ve named ours “How To Install VigLink on Blogger”...clever, right?

Once you're at the overview, click on "layout" from the menu on the left-hand side of the page

Scroll down the page to find “Footer-1” and click “add a gadget”

A screen will pop up giving you various options from which you will click HTML JavaScript

From there you’ll be brought to a page called configure HTML JavaScript. We suggest titling it VigLink Javascript. As for the content section of this page, please open a new browser tab and go to the Install page on your VigLink account.  The URL for this page is which is where you will find your unique javascript code

Simply click “Copy” at the bottom right of the box where the code is located, and head back to Blogger where you need to paste in the content of the HTML.

Once you have pasted it in, click save.

Now, scroll back to the top of the layout page and click the “view blog” button

Head to the homepage of your blog. In this case, our domain is  From there, right click on your page and click “View Page Source”. Then search “VGLNK” within that page, and you should see the Javascript. This signals a successful installation!

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