How do I install the Plugin on WordPress?


Video Transcript:

Hi! We will be showing you how to install VigLink on Wordpress. Just follow these easy steps:

  • First, log-in, where you will be directed to the Wordpress dashboard.
  • From your dashboard, click on the plugin tab on the left side of the screen and select “add new”
  • Under the search box type in "VigLink" and click “search plugins”
  • The first one to appear should be named “VigLink.” Click Install Now, which is located right next to the “details” link.
  • Wordpress will then ask if you’re sure you want to install this plugin. Click “OK.”
  • From there you’ll be directed to a page called “Installing Plugin: VigLink 1.0.X." Click “Activate Plugin.”
  • Once you’ve done that you’ll be directed back to the general plugins page. Scroll down to make sure that you find VigLink.
  • Then, find the settings tab located on the left menu and select the VigLink option. From there you’ll see that you need to paste in your API key. This can be found by heading back to the Install page on your VigLink account. The url is
  • In the box where the code is located you’ll see your key number on the second line. It is comprised of 32 numbers and letters. Copy the key and go back to the VigLink Settings page of your Wordpress account.
  • Paste the key into the open box next to “API Key” and press save changes.
  • Head to the homepage of your blog. (In this case our domain is From there, right click on your page and click “View Page Source”. Then search within that page for VigLink, and you should see the Javascript. This signals successful installation!

Note: With the plugin installed, DO NOT also install via manual injection. Using both methods simultaneously can prevent the Javascript from working.

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