What is Link Optimization and how can I expect it to behave on my website?

What is Link Optimization and how will it benefit me?

Link Optimization applies sophisticated technology that improves your links by weighing several factors to determine the best destination for your traffic. The most important factor is conversion likelihood: the new destination must be a better shopping experience. Conversion likelihood is determined by variables such as: whether the retailer has a smooth checkout process, whether the item is in stock, and whether the item prices are competitive. We also take into account both commission percentage and payment reliability to ensure that you will gain higher earnings — up to 3x — from any links we optimize.

When does a link become optimized?

The link destination will change once the page on your website loads. The URL your readers see on your website once the page loads is the final, optimized link.

Once a link has optimized to a different advertiser, could it change again in the future and send my readers to yet another advertiser?

Yes, a link may optimize to a different advertiser at any time depending on the highest bid for the product in question at page load time. This product is designed to be fluid in order to set you up with the best chance of earning on the click.

Should I be concerned that Link Optimization won't link to the exact product on other advertiser sites?

Our Link Optimization technology is specifically designed to find identical products on other advertiser sites. We have yet to receive a complaint regarding a poor or inaccurate pairing. That being said, we highly value your feedback as we strive to improve the tools we provide our publishers. Please send any observations to support@viglink.com.

Can I suppress Link Optimization on certain pages, or for certain user groups if I operate a forum?

If you have Link Optimization enabled but want to prevent links from being inserted in a certain part of the page, you can add the class "nooptimize" to any HTML tag that wraps that part of the page.

<div class="nooptimize">VigLink will never optimize any links here.</div>

You can also use the "nooptimize" class on forums if, for example, you only want nonmembers to see optimized links.

Will Link Optimization and Geo-Optimization work at the same time?

Once your website loads, our technology will determine if your link can be optimized. Once the link has be optimized, our technology will then geo-optimize once the click takes place if geo-optimization is possible.

Example: You post a Newegg link that is optimized to redirect to Amazon.com instead. A user in the UK clicks the optimized link, and the link is then geo-optimized to go to Amazon.uk instead of Amazon.com.

Will Link Optimization work with Anywhere links?

Not at this time. You must have the VigLink JavaScript snippet installed on your website (via HTML or one of our plugins) in order to access this product.

What happens if I mentioned the name of the advertiser I link out to in my content? Would this link still be optimized to a different advertiser?

If you've mentioned a specific advertiser in the link text, we will not optimize that link.

Will an optimized link ever redirect my readers to an advertiser that I'm not eligible to affiliate with?

No. Link Optimization will only redirect your readers to advertisers you're eligible to earn on.

Can I blacklist advertisers that I never want my readers to receive optimized links to?

You cannot blacklist advertisers for Link Optimization on your Publisher Dashboard at this time. However, if you have already requested to be blacklisted for an advertiser in our system, we will not optimize a link to that merchant since it will not affiliate.

If you'd like to be blacklisted for a specific advertiser, please reach out to support@viglink.com.

When will Link Optimization be enabled for VigLink publishers? How will I know?

Link Optimization will be enabled by the end of August 2015. Go to your Publisher Dashboard and click on Manage > Settings > Convert to see if the "Optimize Links" box is checked. If it is, you either had this product enabled already, or we have turned it on for you.

How do I opt-out?

If you would like to opt-out before Link Optimization goes live for all VigLink publishers, please email support@viglink.com. Please, if possible, include a reason for wanting to opt-out so that we can gain a better understanding of your needs and work to better serve you in the future.

After Link Optimization goes live, you can opt-out by going to Manage > Settings > Convert in your Publisher Dashboard and unchecking the "Optimize Links" box.

Instead of opting out altogether, can I opt-out for specific campaigns?

Yes, you can turn Link Optimization on or off for any of your campaigns.

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