Why does my Installation Checker say "VigLink was not detected"?

Once you've installed Sovrn //Commerce, formerly VigLink, you can use our Installation Checker tool to ensure that our JavaScript is running on your website. This tool can be found on your Publisher Dashboard under Manage > Install

If our tool can't detect your Sovrn //Commerce JavaScript, you will see the following message:

Follow the steps outlined above to troubleshoot. Before reaching out to Sovrn //Commerce's Support Team, there are a couple of additional steps you can take to verify installation: 

  1. Is the URL you entered into the Installation Checker an "http://" link, but you've loaded the Dashboard on "https://"? Try reentering your website as a secure resource. In other words, if you entered "http://example.com/" try checking your installation again using "https://example.com/". 
  2. Log in to your Dashboard. Are views or clicks tracking? If so, VigLink is recording data which indicates a successful installation.

If both views and clicks are at zero, you should reach out to support@viglink.com for additional assistance.


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