What is Anywhere?

Did you know you can use Anywhere to create one-off affiliate links you can use—as the name indicates—anywhere?

In case you’ve never used Anywhere, the pitch is this: you can’t install the JavaScript everywhere you’d like to monetize content (tweets, posts, email campaigns, etc) since it requires editing HTML; to address this limitation, Sovrn //Commerce developed a link wrapping tool in 2012 for easy, straightforward sharing of affiliated URLs. Anywhere is Sovrn //Commerce's social solution

From your Publisher Dashboard, click the Anywhere tab. From this page, there are only three things to be mindful of:


    1. In the “Enter a URL” field, paste a regular merchant URL that you want Anywhere to affiliate. By regular we mean unaffiliated URLs, like this Macy’s link to a Fossil Piper Leather Small Crossbody bag:


      Click the orange “Build” button and voila: your link’s changed to a redirect with your unique API key:


      Keep in mind that this example uses one of our master account’s API keys; you should use the unique API key generated when you created your campaign so that all clicks and revenue correctly track to your Publisher Dashboard. 

    2. Since the new Anywhere link is fairly long for social media (you want to keep things clean and succinct for your readers!) you can automatically shorten these links by checking the “Shorten with Bit.ly” checkbox and re-clicking the orange “Build” button:


      Note that you should always wrap your merchant link in a Anywhere redirect first before shortening it with a link shortener. 

    3. For added convenience, drag the Bookmarklet badge to the bookmarks bar on the browser of your choice. Using the Bookmarklet, you can create an Anywhere link with one click—without needing to navigate away from the merchant page you’re browsing! See a great item you’re itching to share with your readers? Click the Bookmarklet on the product page you’re on, click “Copy to Clipboard,” and you’re ready to post! One, two, done!

      Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.50.59 PM

      Keep in mind you can shorten via Bit.ly straight from the Bookmarklet and optionally post your newly-created VigLink Anywhere link to Twitter or Facebook.

Tip: See our video walkthrough of our three main products—including Anywhere!

Tip: We’ve built a Google spreadsheet that you can use to format multiple Anywhere links quickly!

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    A rather cool idea. Thanks!

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    I think this is a great tool. I wish I was more clear on how it works.  Can you please explain in detail how to use it and give an example using twitter  or any other type example.  thank you.


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    I too, am a bit confused. Let's say I take one of my web addresses ( http://hookedondroid.com) and use the link wrapper tool. The link wrapper tool will create a unique link which contains VigLink code. Then, let's say I Tweet that link. How is that different from me just sending them to the hookedondroid.com site directly, and when they get there the website has VigLink code anyway? Hmmmmm?

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    I have the same question as comedygare. You just put a link and it will convert ALWAYS.

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    I have used the link wrapper a few times, you go to a website of the product, copy the link into the link wrapper box on the viglink website and click Wrap Link. The you use the link they give you in your site, facebook, email, etc. When people click the links, it shows up in your viglink dashboard. Easy peasy. I don't know the difference but as I am not the best with HTML I wanted to be sure my links were attached to viglink so I used that. My question has to do with the FTC disclosure...if we are required to disclose that we are profiting from the links, how do people do that when using wrapped links on FB, twitter and email?

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    I really love Viglink and this tool. So useful for affiliate links. Thanks!

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    I have the same question than Laura.marschel.  How would we disclose that we're using monetized links if we post on Facebook or forums? Is posting an "unwrapped" link all we need to do or do we have to point out that this is an affiliate link?  Then, if we wrap it through bit.ly, how would we mention it then?

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    If I don't have a website and I am just creating a Facebook fanpage, how can I use viglink any

    where? It says,

    "write your URL here."

    Without having a website, which URL I shuld write in a given box to create viglink anywhere?

    It's urgent, so please somebody help me



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    Kansaraonline, you would put the URL of the merchant in this field to generate a monetized link to post on your Facebook page. For example if you want to link to a product on Amazon, you would put in the link to the product into Link Anywhere and receive a link with tracking code to post on Facebook. Makes sense?

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    It's a great idea, but why must it be done manually? Please add API to create such URLs on the fly.

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    After further review, http://support.viglink.com/entries/22235658-VigLink-Developer-Guide- provides API for VigLink Anywhere, but states that shortening must still be done manually. How about automating it as well via API?

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    Hi all 

    I have travel website so if i can promote merchants like hotelscomined and tripadvisor how i use VigLink Anywhere

    1. Should i paste direct URL to facebook .

    i am using these steps

    take product url from hotelscomined website and paste into Shorten with Bitly 

    get shorten url paste on facebook and twitter 

    can you tell me this method right

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    If one were to use a VigLink Anywhere link on a site that already has the VigLink script working on it, will it conflict or is it still OK?

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