How do I wrap multiple links?

While wrapping links is easy using the VigLink Anywhere tool on your dashboard, you may want to wrap multiple links at once. Here's how to do so:

VigLink Anywhere links follow a consistent structure, so you can easily wrap them in bulk by following a few simple instructions. To make it easy, we’ve built a Google spreadsheet that you can use to wrap multiple links quickly. If you’d like to wrap a link yourself, just follow these instructions:

Your links should be formatted like this:[Your_API_KEY]&u=[URL]

Just replace everything in the brackets, including the brackets themselves.

You can find your API key on the installation page of your VigLink account. It’s the long string of numbers and letters found in the third line of the code presented in the box.

This is the URL you want to affiliate. You need to make sure to “HTML encode” the URL to ensure VigLink works properly. You can easily encode URL's here. Just enter your URL and click “encode”.

Important! Make sure not to encode the entire wrapped URL - just the URL you want to affiliate.

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    I'm also on CloudFlare and unable to use any of the features of VigLink. What can I do? HEELLLPPP!!!!

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    Link Wrapper tool uses 'u' while this article suggests using 'out' parameter, is there any difference?

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    Hey Guys, this is way over my head. I am using software with my facebook fan page.  How do I do that?

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    Hi all - a few answers!

    lcp2000: You can activate and connect your CloudFlare account to VigLink via your Cloudflare dashboard. If you're having trouble, please email us at

    listerpunk: There is no difference between using "u" or "out" to define the end URL - both parameters work equally.

    valerie.l.michael: The link wrapper is the best way to add VigLink links to your Facebook page. While this article breaks down the structure of a Link Wrapper link, you can easily build these yourself at If you're having trouble, don't hesitate to email us at support!

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    Being a senior citizen I need a bit of guidance in using this on face book.I get confused with some of the terms

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