Why aren't my eBay links affiliating? How can I get access to eBay?

How do I get approved for eBay affiliation?

eBay is a restricted merchant in our system, which means that your site will need to be approved directly by them before you're able to affiliate. We can help you apply once you've earned at least $10 in revenue over a 30-day period from our unrestricted merchants. Once that's been accomplished, send an email to support@viglink.com to request your site be submitted for consideration.

Ineligible Sites / Publishers

Some publishers are not eligible to affiliate eBay content. Sovrn //Commerce must adhere to eBay's terms and conditions in approving publishers to affiliate their content. You can view eBay's Code of Conduct here and their Network Agreement here. Some reasons a site might not be approved for eBay include the following:

(A) any client-side application software application, plug-in, helper, component or other executable code (including, without limitation, desktop applications, toolbars, plug-ins, helper components and extensions) on any device)

(B) any search engine site or application

(C) any mobile application

(D) any publisher that offers rewards, donations, or cashback to incentivize traffic

(E) any publisher that operates link shortening services

(F) any site that contains the eBay trademarks in the domain name

(G) any publisher that places orders on the behalf of consumers

(H) any site designed to promote the following:

• sexually explicit materials
• violence
• illegal goods, services, or activities
• discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
• content that is otherwise misleading, obscene, or hate-oriented
• malicious functionalities, such as malware or spyware
• brand disparagement

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