How do I configure and customize VigLink Insert?

Thank you for turning on VigLink Insert!  We’re sure you’ll love this new feature, but first here are some tips on how to get the most out of it.

  • Please help us ensure that we insert links in the right areas on your site by verifying that you have selected the site software correctly:
    1. Go to
    2. Under the "Site Software" dropdown menu, choose the site software you are using
    3. If you aren't using any site software, or you don't know what site software you are using, feel free to choose "(None of These)"


  • We can further optimize VigLink Insert performance if you indicate what category your site falls under:
    1. Go to
    2. Choose the site category that best describes your site
    3. If you don’t see your site's category in the drop down, just leave it blank.  If your site fits into multiple categories, choose the one that fits your site best.  Not to worry - in either case, VigLink Insert will still work great!


Want more control and customization?  Try out these ideas:

Limiting where new links get inserted

VigLink Insert is configurable and can be turned off on an individual page or within a specific element on a page with the “nolinks” parameter.   This is done by editing the HTML of your site and adding class="nolinks" to any page element where you would like to disable adding links.  You can do this on an individual post basis, just for a paragraph or even off an entire page - it's up to you.

Example #1: How to keep VigLink Insert off of an entire page on your site: add the “nolinks” parameter to the <body> tag:

<body class="nolinks">

Example #2: How to keep Viglink Insert out of a particular section, like a paragraph: Add the “nolinks” parameter to a  <p> tag:

<p class="nolinks">

How to force inserted links to open in a new window

Configuring inserted links to open up in a new window after they’ve been clicked is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the drop down menu under “Link Target” and select “A New Window” - now you're all set!



Setting a maximum number of inserted links

VigLink Insert can be limited to a maximum number of your links-per-page. We can also control distance between any two inserted links, or between links inserted on the same keyword. Our algorithms optimize the maximum number of links to insert per page based on your content, but if you're ever concerned we insert too many links, please email us at We will be glad to set the threshold at the level of your liking!


Changing the color and style of inserted links

Every inserted link (including linked URLs) has the CSS class "vglnk".  That makes styling them as easy as adding one rule to your site's CSS.

Example #1:  Turn inserted links orange

a.vglnk {
    color: #F7923C;

Any valid CSS styling works, so you can get creative!


Dissatisfied with the quantity or quality of terms being inserted?

Contact support ( for even more customization options! We can broaden the scope of keywords we search for, blacklist terms or categories, and more. Let us know what you want and we'll get you there.


Allowing users to opt out of Link Insertion

If any of your users would not like to view inserted links when they visit your site, have them to go to to opt-out. If you run a forum, it's easy to limit VigLink Insert to guests-only. Just add the "nolinks" parameter as seen above to the body of your site template for members. If you use separate site templates for members and guests, adding class="nolinks" to the body of your member site page will ensure they never see any links: <body class="nolinks">.

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