Why is VigLink rewriting my affiliate links / Why are my links redirecting through api.viglink.com/api?

If you copy and paste a link from your page into a new browser, you may notice the URL has changed and is now a long URL starting with api.viglink.com/api. In order for VigLink’s technology to function and affiliate links, all links on your page - whether or not they are already affiliated - are directed through VigLink’s API.

If you have unselected "reaffiliate existing affiliate links" under "Features," VigLink will not affect those links. That is to say, our API will recognize the links you've affiliated yourself and leave them be; any other (non-affiliated) link to a merchant will be automatically affiliated through VigLink.

When you see the api.viglink.com/api code when copy/pasting one of your links, that's because the link first calls to VigLink to see if we should affiliate it. If the link is already affiliated, VigLink sees that it's affiliated and sends it back to the original affiliate network, which then forwards it along to the product page, and you maintain your original affiliation. If it is not affiliated, VigLink will affiliate it if the merchant is covered by our network.

The only affiliated links our code is capable of reaffiliating are Amazon and eBay links. Rest assured: when a customer clicks on your affiliated links, those links will maintain their original affiliation.

If you're still concerned about a certain link, you can use the rel="norewrite" function to make sure VigLink won't affect that link. When a link's rel attribute includes "norewrite", that link will not be affected in any way by VigLink. Clicks will not be counted, and the link will not be affiliated.

<a href="http://example.com" rel="norewrite">VigLink ignores this link</a>

If you see a link with your own affiliation appear in your Dashboard, please send us an email as soon as possible and we will look into any possible issues.

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