How much does VigLink charge?

There is no up-front fee for using VigLink—so you can try it without risk! Instead, VigLink takes a cut of the commissions the publisher earns. Note that this split can vary based on traffic types, size of network, and other criteria.

Commissions for inserted links depend on the brand, merchant, and product, as well as how often clicks result in sales.

In some cases, an account is referred to us by someone else, either individually or through a distribution deal. Referral commissions are 35% of VigLink's portion of the publisher's revenue share, and last for one calendar year. For example, if a publisher is referred to us and their split is 65/35, their referrer will get paid out 35% of VigLink's 35% for one calendar year. In other words: a publisher is never worse off for having been referred than if they'd approached VigLink directly.

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