What are CPA (cost per action) and CPC (cost per click) merchants?

Sovrn //Commerce has tens of thousands of merchants in our Network. Many of those merchants are CPA (cost per action) merchants, which means that you earn a commission on a purchase that takes place through your site. However, we also have merchants who are CPC (cost per click), which means you earn a flat rate for each click sent to an eligible product link.

With some CPC programs, only clicks to certain products will generate revenue. Therefore, not all products or purchases will necessarily generate a commission.

If a merchant is marked "CPC/CPA," that means that a merchant maintains both types of programs and Sovrn //Commerce will route your click through one or the other. It is never the case that you will earn through both programs simultaneously. Our system is built to always route traffic through the program that will earn publishers the most money over the long run.

Can you provide a list of the products or links that generate revenue from CPC programs?

No. The list changes daily and is not available to the public.


I know that I had a sale on a certain merchant? Why didn't it show up?

It is likely that it didn't appear because that merchant pays per click on certain links and products and not per purchase.


I have Revenue in my dashboard under a merchant, but no Sales. What's going on?

What this means is that merchant pays per click on certain links, so you generated revenue from that merchant even though a purchase didn't take place.

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