What are CPA (Cost-Per-Action) vs CPC (Cost-Per-Click) merchants?

 VigLink has thousands of merchants in our Network.  Many of those merchants are (CPA-Cost Per Action) merchants, which means that you earn a commission on a purchase that takes place through your site. However, we also have merchants who are (CPC-Cost Per Click) merchants.  

With some CPC programs, only clicks to certain products will generate revenue. Therefore, not all products or purchases will necessarily generate a commission.  We always try to route traffic through the programs that will earn you the most money.



Can you provide a list of the products or links that generate revenue from CPC programs?

We cannot provide this list because it changes daily. 


I know that I had a sale on a certain merchant?  Why didn't it show up?  

It is likely that it didn't appear because that merchant pays per click on certain links and products and not per purchase.


I have revenue in my dashboard under a merchant, but no "action".  What's going on?

What this means is that merchant pays per click on certain links, so you generated revenue from that merchant even though a purchase didn't take place.  

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