Net-90 and The New Payment Console

Introducing our new Payment Console! We have been listening, and we’ve heard your requests for a Payment Console that makes it clear what you’ve earned, what you’ve been paid, and what and when you will be paid next.  Along with this change the first thing we’ve rolled out a payment console that answers these questions.  We look forward to your feedback.  See the new payment console here!


When are you switching to net-90?

    • The first month impacted will be your November 2017 earnings.   Rather than receiving this payment in January 2018, you will receive this payment in February 2018.   December 2017 payments will be in March 2018 -- payments will continue to be monthly so long as you meet the threshold.

When will I receive payments?

    • Beginning with your November 2017 earnings, payments will be made 90 days from the event in which commissions were earned.  Historically, earnings have been paid 60 days from the end of the month in which commissions were earned.  This is not a change to our written payment terms; we will still remit payment for your earnings well within 30 days of receiving funds ourselves.  But it is a change to the practical application of those terms. Because we are being paid more slowly, we need to slow the timing of the payment to you. We regret that we are in a position to have to shift to a 90 day schedule, but we continue to pay as quickly as we get paid (just not before). We will be offering an Accelerated payment option for those that would like to stay on a 60 day schedule.

Why was my payment different from earnings displayed in the Publisher Dashboard?

    • Please note that VigLink pays our publishers on a fixed basis: 60/90 days from the end of the month in which a commission was earned. Commissions from merchants can be reversed, returned, or updated after VigLink has paid the earnings to publishers. We make payments each month calculated using a bucketed system where: (Lifetime Earnings Payable - Lifetime Payments = Payment for the month). This ensures that you receive any incremental revenue from adjusted commissions and also protects VigLink from paying publishers for earnings that a merchant will not pay.

      As a result, you may notice that a payment differs slightly from Dashboard earnings for the month as transactions can be adjusted by merchants in previous periods after a payment has already been completed.

When will I be paid for Referral Revenue?

    • Referral revenue is included in your regular affiliate payments each month and will not show up as a separate line item in the Payment Console.  We calculate the payable earnings for each of the accounts you have referred and assign a portion of that revenue to your account. You will be paid your referral revenue with your affiliate earnings with our net-90 payment terms.

I never received a payment (No payment listed on Console)

  • Your account is less than 90 days old. We pay on a net-90 basis, so if you’ve earned commission in your first month, you’ll receive that amount 90-days later. For example: if you signed up in January and earned commission in January (more than $10), than this amount will be paid at the end of April.
  • Our minimum payout threshold is $10. If this amount isn’t met, instead of receiving a payment we will rollover those earnings to the next month or until you’ve reached the minimum $10.
  • Check your set Payment method to make sure it’s correct.
  • Your account may be placed on a network quality payment hold until we can resolve any issues raised by merchants in our network.  You will be notified immediately by our network quality team should a hold be placed on your account.

I never received a payment (payment listed on Console)

  • PayPal
    • Please make sure your PayPal email is registered to the correct email you have listed on our payment page
    • If the address is correct, please log in to PayPal to claim the payment.
    • Still having trouble? Please contact us at
  • Check/ACH/Wire
    • Please confirm with your bank if you have not received an ACH or Wire payment.  If you are paid via check, ensure that your address is correct.  Note that international checks can take weeks to deliver.
    • Still having trouble? Please contact us at

What is the payment threshold?

    • The payment threshold for issuance is $10 for PayPal, Check and ACH payments and  $50 for international wire transfers. If your earnings do not exceed these thresholds, unpaid earnings will roll into subsequent month’s earnings until they exceed the payment thresholds.

Why does it take 90 days instead of 60 days now?

    • VigLink works with 80k+ merchants and an ever-expanding list of almost 200 global affiliate networks in an effort to maximize our advertiser coverage and the commissions we can pay our publishers.  We take pride in paying publishers as fast and simply as possible, but convoluted and slowing payments are a problem affecting the entire industry.  Merchants are paying VigLink more slowly, on average, and in response, we are forced to change our own payment schedule to account for this change.  

Do I need to do anything?

    • No, we will be switching every publisher account to Net-90 beginning with November 2017 earnings.  If you’d like to enroll in accelerated payments, you can log in to the payment console and make your selection.

What does “Date Collected” mean in the payment Console?

    • We work with many Network Affiliates to host the thousands of merchants in our network. This column denotes the date in which Viglink has received the majority of payments from our partners for a given month.  It’s helpful to see this in relation to when you receive the payment from VigLink.

What are reversals and why did I receive them?

  • Reversals happen for several reasons:
    • If the item(s) sold were returned back to the merchant.
    • If the transaction was canceled or rejected by the merchant.
    • At network/merchant discretion because they believe the transaction is not legitimate or that only 1 “commissionable sale” per transaction.

When do “Adjustments” happen?

    • Adjustments can happen for a number of reasons and occur anytime. In order to account for these adjustments to previous monthly earnings, VigLink always pays based on lifetime earnings and previous payments. The most common adjustments to publisher earnings are related to sales returns or late revenue approvals by the merchant, causing previous earnings to either increase or decrease depending on the circumstance. Although these can happen at anytime, most adjustments occur within 2-3 months after the month of earning.
    • Certain verticals tend to see adjustments later than others.  I.E. Many affiliate programs for travel merchants are confirmed upon trip completion instead of booking date.  If a commission was earned for a hotel stay in 4 months, it leaves a longer window for a commission to be adjusted.

Do you have a hard date in which reversal cannot happen and the revenue is locked?

    • Program terms vary by merchant and by the affiliate network.  Unfortunately, because there is no set standard for every merchant that we work with, we cannot offer to lock commissions at a predetermined time.

Are there any fees involved?

    • Should you choose to say on standard terms, there will be no fees assessed.
    • Should you decided to move to accelerated payments (net-60), there will be a processing fee of 3%.
    • VigLink pays all PayPal, ACH, and postage fees.  Your bank may charge you a fee on international wire transfers.  You can check with your bank to see exactly what that charge will be.

Why are you collecting later? Are you guys okay?

    • Thanks for your concern. We intend to continue to provide value to our publishers for a long time.  We are aligning ourselves with the industry and Affiliate Networks that we partner with. Additionally, this change will help reduce any discrepancies you see from expectations of earnings and the payments you receive.

Can I still receive payments on a Net 60 basis/do I have a choice?

    • Our whole network is moving to net-90. However, you can opt for accelerated payments to continue to be paid out on a net-60 basis.  There will be an early-payment processing fee of 3% associated with this election. In this scenario, VigLink would be effectively loaning commissions to publishers and the fee is to compensate for that risk.
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