I never received a payment(No payment listed on Payment Console)

If you have never received a payment, there could be a couple of reasons why:

      • Your account is less than 90 days old. We pay on a net-90 basis, so if you’ve earned a commission in your first month, you’ll receive that amount 90-days later. For example: if you signed up in January and earned a commission in January (more than $10), than this amount will be paid at the end of April.
      • Our minimum payout threshold is $10. If this amount isn’t met, instead of receiving a payment we will rollover those earnings to the next month or until you’ve reached the minimum $10.
      • Check your set Payment method to make sure it’s correct.
      • Your account may be placed on a network quality payment hold until we can resolve any issues raised by merchants in our network.  You will be notified immediately by our network quality team should a hold be placed on your account.
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