How much does VigLink charge?

There is no up-front fee for using VigLink so you can try it without risk.  For all existing links we affiliate, VigLink takes a 25% cut of the commissions a publisher earns.  Commissions for inserted links vary and depend on the brand, merchant and product, as well as how often the click results in a sale. In some cases an account is referred to us by someone else, either individually or through a distribution deal. (And of course VigLink is a merchant in it's own software so any links to VigLink on a site running VigLink are automatically affiliated.) Referral commissions are usually 10% and they always come out of VigLink's portion, so a publisher is never worse off for having been referred than if they'd approached us directly. Some merchants wait a week or more to report revenue, so these totals may not be final.

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